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Get and give better orgasms with Provestra

Many women that enter menopause experience a dramatic decrease of sexual lust. Even if they are still attracted to their partners, they rarely feel the urge to get into bed with them. Also, when they finally go under the sheets, they are unable to get or give a proper orgasm. It might seem like the end of their sexual life, but it does not have to be that way. With the help of a libido enhancing treatment like Provestra, they can regain their sex drive and take their partners on a memorable orgasmic ride more often than ever before.

How to get a proper orgasm

Most married couples struggle to get back the sexual drive that they used to have at the beginning of what now is a 20+ year relationship. Women, especially feel deprived of that constantly high libido that they used to have when they were younger. The lack of sexual lust results in fewer orgasms, which in turn translates into a sad, unsatisfying existence. Fortunately, everything is not lost. By taking Provestra on a regular basis, you can increase your libido and enhance your ability to get better and bigger orgasms from each intercourse you have. This remedy for low sexual lust raises the blood flow in and around the female genital parts, which speeds up arousal and eliminates vaginal dryness. As a result, you can climax faster, better and experience a considerably higher sexual pleasure.

How Provestra gives you the ultimate climax

Intercourse is always better when both partners are satisfied. Provestra ensures that you get the ultimate orgasm and that your partner climaxes at the same level of pleasure. The sexual urge produced by this remedy for low libido is contagious. Your partner will find your passion for sex utterly infectious, and sexy time will become an activity in which both of you will indulge even for several times in the same day.

Barry is a pastry chef, trained almost twenty years ago under a German master baker in Cape Town. Liza is a jewellery designer, but now spends most of her time marketing the company and also promoting local food from The Isle of Skye. Our daughter has been our biggest inspiration to leave behind the big city, hotels and fashion...and move to a beautiful dot on the map.

We offer bakery items and preserves on line, and as always we trade with artisan breads and sweet goodies every Friday at the Portree Gathering Hall. For gifts including our bakery items, Calina's Conserves and meat from Earlybird Enterprises go to our new sister website
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shortlisted in the bakery category for our
shortlisted in the innovation category for our work with local produce, and setting up of winter markets as a means of business diversification.

We are located in our home kitchen, in the community of Portree, Isle of Skye. The Isle of Skye is easily accessible via a big bridge from the mainland or by a fantastic car ferry (pictured above) from the village of Glenelg. This is by far the most scenic route, and prior to the bridge was one of the only access routes. The other way to get to onto Skye is to use the Big ferry from Mallaig to Armadale. We will add some good links soon!!!

Spend an unforgettable adventure on the Isle of Skye

If you take a relaxing trip to Scotland, you have to visit the most beautiful attractions in this part of the world. The second-largest of Scotland’s islands is Skye, which is also known as the Isle of Skye. Famous for its sparkling lochs, jagged mountains, velvet moors and impressive towering sea cliffs, Isle of Skye is the best place to spend your vacation and recharge your batteries by the side of a gorgeous lady.

Relax and admire the beautiful nature

Travel to Scotland with a delightful companion by your side and let her offer you magnificent moments while relaxing on the Island of Skye. Meet an alluring girl and go on a trip together for several days filled with enchanting adventures. As the most northerly major island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, Skye offers some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in the country.

There are many interesting things you can do on this island if you are accompanied by a glamorous lady. Enjoy a flying tour in a seaplane and admire the fantastic views from above the island. Feel how adrenaline is pumped into your veins when landing on the water and convince yourself that it is one of the most magnificent experiences you can share with your beautiful girl

Watch some dolphins and sharks

Have a day trip by boat with your sweet companion and visit St Kilda for its charming natural reserve. Find interesting information about the spectacular seabirds living in this part of the world, then go back to Skye for a wildlife watching tour. For four hours you can try and spot the dolphins, sea eagles, basking sharks and seals and if you will be lucky, they will play and jump from the water nearby your boat. If weather will be favorable, sail towards the beautiful Small Islands of Canna, Eigg or Rum, to exhilarate wildlife and spend an unforgettable adventure.

Spend your nights in one of the popular accommodations in Skye, but not before going out for some fun with your sweet companion. Have a few drinks after the sun goes down, dance in a nice venue and prepare for more fun with your appealing lady. In the mornings, drink your coffee while admiring the landscapes and get ready to visit the Dunvegan Castel and Duntulm Castle, which are some of the hidden gems within Island of Skye.

Serve lunch in one of the tourist hot-spots in Skye, Ellishadder Art Café, Red Roof Café Gallery or Edinbane Inn Restaurant and try the local food, which is simply delicious. Relish your palate with fresh, homemade and healthy food, drink a hot tea and get ready for your next adventure within Skye. Visit all the tourist attractions spread on this Scottish island, have some fun with your tempting companion and make sure you make the most out of your experience!